Partnership with EarthCollective

‘The Turning Wheel’ is glad to announce a new partnership with the EarthCollective Network. “EarthCollective was founded in February 2006 by young professionals, graduates and students connected to Wageningen University, at the City of Life Sciences in The Netherlands. Together these individuals created the vibrant EarthCollective network to form synergies between colleagues and contacts which support the development of their positive ideas into viable initiatives. As various initiatives evolved over the years, more people have became involved through their own respective capacities to support the continued growth of EarthCollective and its initiatives in countries such as Australia, The Netherlands and South Africa.” (

 “It’s a great pleasure to join this group of inspiring and wise people. I have good feelings that this partnership will grow organically, benefiting many communities and individuals towards sustainability”. Fedde (founder of ‘The Turning Wheel’)

EarthCollective’s mission is to catalyse, support and enable positive ideas and initiatives that create real sustainability by reconnecting ‘human-nature’. The mission fits perfectly to the objective of ‘The Turning Wheel’ to bridge universal knowledge with local wisdom by education for sustainable living.

In practice, the partnership will include: sharing expertise & network contacts, visibility on websites & newsletters and looking for ways to enrich education for  sustainability.

EarthCollective is not-for-profit network largely dependent on voluntary contributions just like ‘The Turning Wheel’. A lot of our work is done without remuneration. You can help EarthCollective make change possible with a donation or any kind of support. Simply email find out how.

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