The Glass-Bottle-Can-Collector

Yeah, there it is! The Glass-Bottle-Can-Collector. A solar water heater made from glassbottles, drinking cans and copper. Can be used for warm and cold climates. Very cheap but demands some efforts :). Made from mainly recycled materials! I made this system in Malaysia at Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm where it is working now for almost half a year. Enjoy watching and listening to the nice world music!

The movie can also be downloaded in low quality here.

Please spread this knowledge and give me suggestions for improvements. As far I could find on internet, this idea has not been made before :) Thanks for everybody who supported me realizing this!

A warm shower for Malaysia

The rain was pouring out of the sky. Even the monkeys sought shelter in the dark rainforest. This day has been so hot that I decided to enjoy the warm shower. That day I cycled 120 km. The beautiful scenery on the Malaysian south-east coast gave me great support.

In September I arrived at Kahang Organic Rice Farm. On the wall was written a Chinese saying:

 “If the mountain wont move, build a road around it,

if the road wont turn, change your path,

if you are unable to change your path, just transform your mind.”

Tam, the owner, welcomed me and asked: “What is your expertise?”. “Eco-toilets and Solar water heaters”, I replied. He showed me a barn full of old materials. “Can you make a solar water heater out of this?”, he asked me.

The weeks after I worked on two different solar collectors. 1) A flat plate collector copper-brass and 2) a collector from recycled materials including: glass bottles, drinking tins, rubber tires and copper pipes. Such a model has never been constructed before. The knowledge was spread in two workshops. First I worked together with 3 young guys from a orphanage. Later I met Matt from England who wanted to join me for while. Nowadays tourist visiting the farm and get inspired by home-made warm showers which is more and more demanded in Malaysia.

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At KOREF, a overview

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In september and October 2011 I stayed at Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm or KOREF.

We conducted:

We constructed:

The glassbottle-can collector is the first one worldwide ;) as far I know. It’s very efficient and cheap collector. We only bought the copper and soldering rods (30 EURO) the rest of the materials are recycled. A howto movie is coming!
Now I am back on track in direction Thailand by bicycle.