Crossing China

There was no way how I could get my bicycle crossing the border between Laos – China. I could pass but my bicycle not. “Foreigners are not allowed to cross the border with their own transportation”, was the answer again and again. Rules are rules in China. So next step was to find away to go around the rules. A taxi drove my bike 100 meter over the border and I was going after it with my bike-bags. The customs were smiling and gestured me “well-done”. I was in China! Continue reading

Inspired by a simple life-style

Gandhi said it so clear:

“There is enough for everyones need but not for everones greed”.

Watering plants with stunning sunset on the Pun Pun land. Photo by Pun Pun members

The current global monetary economy seems be highly driven by greed. One might argue that greed is the main cause of socially unjust, loss of cultural wisdom and ecological destruction. In many places people and communities are coming together to reclaim responsibility for creating their own living situations with local resources and needs.1 In the last four months Fedde had the chance to explore a simple life-style at Pun Pun (center for self-reliance) and learned about eco-villages in a four week course from Gaia Education at Wongsanit Ashram. Continue reading